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  • Butter Makes It Better! Fats In Baking!!

    Posted on September 23, 2014 by in Blog

    Real Butter Role of Fats In Baking

    1.  Types and Characteristics of Fats

        A.   Solid at room temperature

               1.  Butter

               a.  Made from cream

              Available in salted and unsalted

             [1}  SALTED

                   a.  Flavor

                   b.  Preserves butter longer

            {2}  UNSALTED

                     a.  Preferred for baking

                     b.  Fresher, sweeter taste

                     c.  Ability to adjust alt level as needed in a recipes

                     d.  Melt in mouth flavors

    B.  Solid Shortening

          1.  Made from vegetable oil, animal fat or both

          2.  High melting point can leave unpleasant greasy mouthfeel

          3.  Source of Transfats

          4.  Generally, flavorless, tasteless

    C.  Lard

          1.  Made from pork fat

    D.  Liquid or Room Temperature

          1.  Oils

             a.  Extracted from plants e.g. corn, olives, nuts

             b.  odorless and tasteless, except those from olives and nuts


         A.  Flavor and color depend on type of fat used

         B.  Texture and appearance

              1. Tenderizing and flakiness

              2.  inhibits gluten development and gelantimization ( slows the process of  setting dough structure)

              3.  Shorten gluten strands

              4.  Creates space between layers of dough

              5. As fat melts in heat of oven, steam is created and pushes the layers apart (Flakiness)

          C.  Moistness

                1.  Enchances mouthfeelof baked goods

                2.  Increase shelflife

    3.  Choosing the Right Fat

          A.  Flavor and texture of baked product depens on type fat used

                1.  Oils

                     a.  Blend completely with other ingredients

                     b.  Cannot be creamed

                     c.  Will not produce flakiness

        B.  Solid Fats

              1.  Used cold to create layers in dough – flakiness, volume

                    a.  pie crust, pastry, biscuit, scones

              2.  Room Temperature

                    a. Beaten  with sugar (creamed) to produce air bubbles for tenderness, and volume

                   b.  Richness

                   c.  Butter adds flavor

    I hope this information gives you clarity on the functions and role that butter plays in baking. Feel free to comment or leave more information. I love hearing from you.. As always “Happy Baking”

    Have a SWEET  DAY..