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  • Cake! Cake! Cake!

    Posted on October 7, 2014 by in Blog
    Million Dollar German Chocolate Cake!

    Million Dollar German Chocolate Cake!

    Cakes  provide a large arsenal of creative options for the baker. There are variations in flavor, size , shape, and decorations of these baked goods are seemingly endless, while the basic ingredients are simple combinations of flour, sugar, leavening (baking soda, baking powder), liquids and fats (oil, butter,).

    American style cakes are generally moist, tall, and sweeter than other foreign countries cakes such as European style cakes. In our cakes we tend to incorporate chemical leaveners and higher fat content and we use the creaming method for mixing.   Most of our cakes are stacked, filled and frosted prior to serving. European cakes are based on sponge cakes and use sugar syrup and layered with many different fillings including mousses, bavarian creams, ganache, flavored whipped cream.

    Sample of the Ingredients role:

    There are several categories that the ingredients for cakes fall in.

    Tougheners: Provide structure and strength for the finished baked product comes from sources of protein including: flour, eggs, and milk

    Tenderizers: Help control gluten development and come from fats including egg yolks and sugar

    Sweeteners: Provide flavor, moisture, and enchance texture. Sugar also aid browing during baking. Sources include granulated sugar, brown sugar, honey, molasses, milk, fruit juices, invert sugar

    Moisteners: Provide moisture necessary for gluten development, hydrate starches for structure, dissolve sugar and salt to enhance mouthfeel and prolong shelf life

    There are several different kinds of cakes: Foam cakes, angel food cake, chiffon cake, butter cake, pound, dacquoise, biscuits, jelly roll etc.

    As you see there’s a lot of cakes and functions to making a cake. I hope these information is helpful to you. Happy Baking!

    Have a SWEET Day!


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