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  • Functions of Salt in Baking!

    Posted on September 30, 2014 by in Blog

    SALT Keeping with the theme the functions of the ingredients in baking today on the blog, we will be talking about the function of salt. If you have any questions comment below, or if you can add to the blog. Go ahead and do so we love to hear from you.

    As you know salt is a mineral gathered from evaporation of sea waterand mining of rock deposits.


    Salt adds flavor to enhances flavor of other ingredients. Salt bitter flavors, so sweet and sour are more pronounced and it brings flavors together. Salt preserves flavor and color of flour, works best with strong flavors. It softens, sharpness in acid fruits such as passion fruit, pineapple , also highlights flavors in nuts and intensifies flavor in chocolate. Salt helps to retain moisture in baked products it adds strenth and volume. It decrease greasy sensation from fats.  When baking breads salt tightens and strengthens gluten structure, reduce stickiness, omiting or reducing salt can cause dough to rise too quickly. Salt decreases stability of eggs foams, causes beaten egg tp lose moisture and dry out. Salt enchances texture, in cakes enchances the color and can be use as a garnish when sprinkled on desserts.

    As you see salt plays an important role in baking.  I hope this gives you a better idea of salt functions in baking.. Happy Baking!

    Have a SWEET  time..


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