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  • Let’s Celebrate! Our FATHERS

    Posted on June 17, 2016 by in Blog

    FullSizeRender (61) FATHER

    F –  is for Father who are near and far..

    A – is for the Adventure we have had.

    T – is for Terrific person you are.

    H – is for the Helping Hand you always give.

    E – is for Eternal Love we share.

    R – is for You are The REAL deal. Nobody can take your place

    Fathers are precious and needed in our lives. They go to battle for their family in silences, but are a powerful force. They laugh with us, they dance with us, they watch over us. We are the twilight in their eyes. We give you honor on this Father’s Day… Not because you are Fathers, but because you are YOU! Fathers are forever….  written: by Jackie Wilson

    This Father’s Day take time out to celebrate your Father, Your Dad, Your Daddy, which ever title you give him. Let him know he is appreciated and that you honor him.. There are many homes without fathers but no matter what the situation or circumstances take a moment to say Thank you…  As I get older and view life much differently I realize, we spend a lot of time on earth feeling sorry for our self, instead of embracing the time we have with each other. Life is truly a gift from God and we need to focus on the moment…

    FullSizeRender (54)

      FullSizeRender (64)

    FullSizeRender (67) A Father’s Love (Priceless)


    1. Tell your father today that you love him.

    2. Give him a phone call

    3. Send a Father’s Day card

    4. Buy Him a real gift

    5. Give your father a hug and a kiss

    6. Spend Time with your Father

    7. Buy him dinner

    8. Go to a movie

    9. Write Him a letter to express your love

    10. Thank your Father today and tell him how grateful you are to have him as a Father



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