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  • Living Life In Full Bloom! What a Party!!!

    Posted on June 21, 2016 by in Blog

    Elegant Party

    WOW! What a Celebration… This past weekend Eat My Treat had the opportunity to make the cake and attend the most elegant birthday party. Walking in the room was like steeping into a flower garden. Words can not describe what I was feeling. Just to be invite to this A-List birthday party was beyond my wildest dream, Below  are pictures of this celebrity party given for Dr. Stacia Pierce,… The theme “Live Life In Full Bloom”

    FullSizeRender (69)

    This was an amazing dessert table created by Dr. Stacia… It had ever dessert you can think of some gluten free, cupcakes shipped in from Georgetown cupcakes… Macaroons, cheesecake bites, cookies, fudge you name it there was all kind of temptation desserts… But very yummy and delicious…. Just image going into a bakery! Yes you get the idea…

    Garden Cake

    Garden Cake

    The Garden Cake I’m going to call it… All the flowers and designs were hand painted and were drawn unto the cake using edible markers and lustrous dust…  The cake idea came from Dr. Stacia herself… she is so creative and think of every detail… It was such an honor to be able to create this cake for her birthday…

    FullSizeRender (75)  Gucci Special Delivery

    To top things off.. I got to see an INCREDIBLE hand delivery from Gucci of Tampa a beautiful one of a kind purse given to the birthday girl.. What an experience never in my life have I seen or heard of such a thing darling..


    Such an honor to take a picture with Dr. Stacia and to be able to celebrate her birthday.. That’s her website if you want to get more information or to follow her. One thing that was so an amazing that Dr. Stacia hand picked each of her guest out a book and article of clothing or designer ties for the guys and much more…  Being invited to such a birthday party is always rewarding and next level experience.


    1. Learn to celebrate others
    2. Always be grateful
    3. Be in the moment
    4. Take a honorable gift
    5. Appreciate the opportunity
    6. Be on time
    7. Learn to laugh
    8. Always say Thank Your

    Enjoy Your Life In Full Bloom


    Eat My Treat


    Eat My Treat LLC

    Eat My Treat LLC

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