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  • Recap: Extraordinary Baby Shower

    Posted on May 23, 2016 by in Blog

    Extraordinary Events For Eat My Treat!

    Over the last five months Eat My Treat have had the pleasure and honor of making delicious cakes for Lifecoach Dr. Stacia Pierce.  I decided to share one of the memorable one on the blog today. You should grab a chair and cup of coffee because these pictures are going to be breathe taking and I don’t want you to fall.

    The picture below was for twin boys so it’s double hugs and kisses. Can you imagine having two adore baby boys at the same time… What joy!

    FullSizeRender Beautiful Twin Cakes

    Beautiful Display Table

    Beautiful Display Table

    That's Me... All smiles...

    That’s Me… All smiles…

    Being a part of this gorgeous Baby Shower was such a thrill and one of many wonderful events I had the opportunity

    to make a cakes for… It is always a honor to be called up.


    • Always put the customer or client first
    • Get a clear understanding about what the client or customer want
    • Ask questions
    • Make a To-Do-List
    • Make a schedule
    • Make a drawing of how the cake is going to look so you can have a visual picture
    • Do a follow up call (just to make sure there is no changes)
    • Be patience and understanding (because this event is important to  you and your client)
    • Give yourself enough time to do the best job
    • Be thankful and grateful
    • Be on time to deliver
    • Always take extra frosting, supplies etc. just for those unexpected emergencies

    Happy Baking


    Eat My Treat