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    Posted on May 31, 2016 by in Blog

    Windermere Food Truck Was AMAZING!

    Food Trucks are so popular in Orlando and surrounding area. You can google food bazaars and they POP! instantly. Well we were invited to Windermere, FL for a night of music, family time and fun and food.. There were about 15 trucks from BBQ, Philly Steak, Greek, Tamale, Fish & Chips, Cajun, Crab and many more. The atmosphere was full of lively, people came from surrounding areas near and far just to enjoy the street food and the different cuisine.

    Well as the night got going strong I took a walk around to see what really goes on in Windermere when the host the food truck event.. The things I notice is people bring out their whole family, along with chairs and blankets, and spirit water.. This event is HUGE and it last about 5 hours….It’s incredible block party…

    Eat My Treat Cupcake Truck

    OMG! We had so many people that came out to support our events.  The night went on several of our friends and family came out to support.. Below are more pictures of people sharing our delight in a SOLD OUT event..

    IMG_1481 Lady Sweet Chips, and The Design Doc

    Family and Friend

    Friend and Family


    Ragina and LaWanda

    Ragina and Lawanda

    Good times with family and friends.. It amazing when people come out to support. Very grateful and thankful for the people in my life..

    Butter Pecan/Chicken and Waffle

    When cupcake almost crosses over to sandwich territory..


    Next day looking through my Instagram Feed I see one of our cupcakes being featured… I took a moment to give thanks for what is happening in our business… Moving to Florida and starting all over to get your business name out hasn’t been easy… But to see this cupcake picture let me know that I have to keep pushing for my dreams and desires to come to past..


    1  Stay focus on your dreams and desires… Write them down daily..

    2. Make a list of people who you need to connect…

    3. Make that call (Put away some time to call people you want to connect with)

    4. Make Affirmations to say what you want to happen

    5. Write you goals down and visit review them often

    6. Get yourself  accountable partner

    7. Do something everyday to bring you closer to your dreams and desires..

    Well head over to your Instagram and look up @thedailycity and like our Chicken and Waffle pictures and please leave a comment.

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    Happy Baking


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