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  • Valentine’s Day Theory or Myth!!!!

    Posted on January 7, 2013 by in Uncategorized


    There are many theories as to the history and origins of Valentine’s Day. For the romantics, the history is suitably a mystery. For the cynics, none of the stories about the history of Valentine’s Day involve greeting cards, cupcakes, chocolate or flowers.

    One Valentine history tale tells of a Roman priest named you guessed it Valentine, who defied the law of his time and performed marriages for young lovers(which at that time marriages was see  as a problem for young men in the army, so marriages were outlawed). The story goes on to say they put Valentine in prison and which in prison he fell in love with the jailer daughter. So he would send her letters and sign the, “from your Valentine”.

    Whatever you choose to believe the theory or the myth. Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout this country in many ways. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, with flowers, candy and cupcakes. We at EAT MY TREAT would like to be a part of your celebration. Above is a picture of our Cake Pop Bouquet. We would love to make one especially for your Valentine…

    The story in this blog was from the website History on Valentine’s Day. We just used it to spark some interest. It is not used to offend or agree with the material written… Enjoy and have A Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

    Please leave a comment on what you believe and contact us if we can help make your day Special…